Gallery Northwest is pleased to announce the following workshop by Anji Grainger:

Elements of Nature and Texture – level two

Day one: I will demo each process

Prepare textured watercolor paper using gesso – a very fun way to impart unique under-patterns on your paper.

Learn two new ways to apply texture to surfaces with wax paper and plastic wrap (not what you are thinking… )

Day two: I will demo each process

Apply watercolor or fluid acrylics to textured gesso papers with pours and other texturing substances.

Prepare 3 or 4 surfaces with texture but this time, with pre-thought out composition plans. Here we will use some of the same processes from the first workshop but plan ahead how and where we will apply texturing.

Day three:

Work on completing one or more of our textured starts. May also bring starts from the first workshop to discuss – ok, now what…

Dates: April 28, 29, and 30 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

Cost: $260 for those who already have the Doak’s liquid watercolors; $285 for those who don’t

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