Cheryl Weese






Ate snails*

Caught first fish in China Creek and commercial fished in Illwaco* Talked on the phone to Vincent Price, Richard Nixon and Princess Grace de Monaco* Skied the Matterhorn, Willamette Pass, Mt. Hood, Squaw Valley, Alps, Sun Valley and Dolomites* Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Space Needle, Atomium* Love spiritual life* Had best friends named Kathi, Tammy, Sabino, Phyllis and Frannie* Loved my dogs* Taught 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, art and PE and small engines* Was Blue Bird Leader* Came to Belfast with the British Troops in 1970* Made Christmas Bread with a German family* Used ski boots for Christmas stockings* Slid down the Alps and got a hole in my Lederhosen* Married a man with four children* Hitchhiked through Yugoslavia and Ireland* Sunbathed on Costa Brava* Drank wine on the Mosel* Crossed the equator* Sailed through the San Juans* Flew over Yellowstone National Park* Camped in Yosemite* Hiked up the Andes* Took a trainload of kids to camp in Buena Vista, Colorado* Helped feed and sleep the homeless* Built a handmade house in Jacksonville* Raised six kids* Experienced spiritual Healings* Sold cherries at cherry stand*

Love Pottery*