Debra Bates

shore acres

Shore Acres

evening shadows

Evening Shadows

autumn day in portland

Autumn Day in Portland

Debra Bates

Debi fell in love with watercolor at an early age but, as life would have it, other things took priority in her life. For years, raising her three children and starting and running a business took up most of her time. It wasn’t until much later in life that she was able to pursue her passion for watercolor and devote the time and energy necessary to hone her skills.

Debi devoted many hours to advancing her skills through classes, workshops and books by renown watercolorists such as Alvero Castagnet, David Taylor, Judy Morris and Eric Widgardt. Her ongoing educational efforts coupled with daily painting have helped her become the watercolorist she is today.

“The love of watercolor keeps me painting and the more I paint the better I am able to express what I see and want to say in my paintings.”


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